Friday 22nd February 2019

Floral accessories to put you in the mood for Spring!

A creative day of felt making to explore three dimensional hand felting techniques with nuno felt.

Taking inspiration from nature learn ways to create three dimensional shapes using traditional hand felting techniques. Liz will guide you through the process of mixing and blending fibres and sculptural resist techniques to bring luscious blooms to life. Working with wool to shape petals and leaves to produce a stunning floral corsage.

The afternoon will focus on nuno felt techniques to add texture and structure.

Tuition, materials and equipment all included

Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: Heritage Courtyard Studio, Wells
More information: Heritage Courtyard Studio.


6th - 9th April 2019

Lace is the quintessential luxury product, its elegance and refinement are a constant factor in contemporary design. Liz will share with you her passion for felt making and skillful placement of lace as a decorative surface embellishment for haute couture.

Through sampling and learning as you go, this is an opportunity to explore the rich textural qualities offered by the nuno felt technique with the aesthetics of lace.

Discover the skill and seduction of this exquisite fashion technique using fine wools, silks and cashmere fibres with exquisite lace fabrics from Liz’s extensive couture collection.

For advance reservations and further information, please contact:


0033 (0)2 98 99 44 63édan


20th May - 25th May 2019

PART 1 : Techniques in Fine Felt (3 days)

Through extensive sampling and material investigation of different wools and weave structures, students will learn ways to create fine felt fabric for fashion application.

PART 2: Design Concepts for Couture (2 days)

Develop fine felt techniques to create distinctive fabric for couture accessories. Working from pattern templates provided, students will customise 3D design concepts. Scarves and bags are suitable outcomes or students may work on a simple Kimono silhouette.

Further information on

La Couech (31310)

Montbrun Bocage


Please book directly on:

+(33) 561 981 222
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25th - 26th July 2019

Creative design techniques with hand cut stencils and nuno felt

A two-day workshop to create dynamic templates and surface effects with contemporary hand felting techniques. The workshop will provide experience in simple drawing, cut-out and collage techniques, using beautiful wools and fabrics to create painterly qualities and decorative effects in hand felted fabric. Create a unique textile for the home or as a fashion accessory.

Level: suitable for all.

To book, please  contact:
Martina Lehner
Stahlmühle 4
A-4170 Haslach an der Mühl
+43 (0)664 5135796
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